New Internal Charge

Once internal charge types are defined, you can add internal charges to jobs.  Internal job types will already contain default information for the task types, descriptions, & rates to use, but these can be overwritten when internal charges are added.

To Create A New Internal Charge:

1.  From the "Production" menu, select "New Internal Charge" to open the Internal Charge screen.

2.  AccountAbility will assign the next sequential Internal Charge No. automatically.

3.  Use the to select a Default Internal Charge Type from the drop down list.  If you choose to enter a default internal charge, this will populate in the lower portion of the screen where you will distribute charges to individual jobs.  If you choose not to enter a default internal charge, you will need to enter the charge type when you distribute internal charges to jobs.

4.  Select the office using the drop down menu list.

5.  Select the date of the internal charge using the drop down calendar or by entering the date.

6.  You will now add distribute internal charges to individual jobs.  If you have entered a default internal charge type above, it will be filled in for you, or you can choose to change it for any job.  If you did not enter a default internal job type, use the to select from a list of available types.

7.  Enter a job no. for the internal charge.

8.  A task type will populate with the default used for the internal charge type.  You can accept that default or choose another.

9.  Verify the default description is correct or edit as needed.

10.  If you choose to accept the default rate for the internal charge type, just input the number of units you wish to charge to the job.  If you wish to use another rate, click the box under Override Rate and type the correct rate into the rate column.

11.  The markup rate for the job will be used to determine the markup rate for the internal charge.  If you wish to override this,click the box under Override Mark Up and enter your own markup amount in the Mark Up box.

12.  Continue entering internal jobs for additional jobs.  If you need to add charges to more than 5 jobs, click and an additional 5 lines will be added.

13.  When all charges for all jobs have been added, click and AccountAbility will calculate the subtotal of charges and total of charges and markup to be added to each job.  Verify the totals are correct.

14.  To immediately add internal charges to jobs, click , to save your work for later review or approval, click to save and remain on the internal charge screen or to save and return to the Internal Charges Browse screen.


Internal charges will not be added to a job until they have been approved.

Internal charge entries are only notional entries.  They do not create accounting postings until they are billed to a client.