AccountAbility allows you to quickly and easily import purchase orders using data from an Excel template.  The template is available for download through the import function.

1.  From the "Production" menu, select "Search Purchase Order" to open the Purchase Orders Browse screen.

2.  Cllck the Import hyperlink from the top right hand of the Purchase Order Browse screen to open the Import Excel screen.

3   Click the Download template hyperlink to download the Excel template to your computer.  The template will automatically open the template in Excel.

4.  In the Excel template, all required fields have red heading titles.  You must enter valid data in those fields in order to import the data in AccountAbility and create a new purchase order.  In addition, if the purchase order will include billable job costs, you must input data for both the Job No. and Task Type Code fields or if the purchase order will include non billable job costs, you must input a valid GL account no. in the GL Account No. field.

5.  Click and the purchase order will be created.  If the import is successful, AccountAbility will return to the Purchase Order Browse screen and your imported purchase order will appear in the purchase order list.


If any data is incorrect when the import is attempted, AccountAbility will return an error message saying "The file contains invalid records - please correct and try again:" and will list the data fields that need correction.  A purchase order will not be created until all data field errors have been corrected.

If a template is imported without a purchase order number, AccountAbility will continue to assign the next sequential purchase order unless one is input into the template.  Once a new purchase order is input with a new purchase order number, it will reset your purchase order sequence.