AccountAbility will work with your computer's default email program to compose an email and forward a link to a purchase order.

1. If you have previously created an purchase order, but want to send an email at a later date, select  the "Production" menu, then "Search Purchase Orders" to access the Purchase Orders Browse screen.  Once the purchase orders have displayed, you can filter the purchase order list and then click on the purchase order number in the Order No. column to open the Purchase Order screen and display that purchase order.

2.  Click the Email hyperlink at the top of the screen and an email will be created in your default email program with a web link to the estimate.

3.  The subject line will default to "Purchase Order" and the recipient will default to the Purchase Order Contact's email address, assuming one was entered on the contact screen.

4.  Make any changes to the email and send as you normally do.

Note:  You must have an email address entered for the Supplier Contact you are using to use the email feature.