Purchase Order Report

AccountAbility allows you to create a Purchase Order Report showing all of the pertinent information that concerns your Purchase Orders as shown below.  The report can be filtered by purchase order dates, to show only purchase orders that have not yet been invoiced by a supplier, by approval status, by office, and for a specific supplier.

To request the Purchase Order Report:

1.  From the "Production" menu, select "Search Purchase Order" to open the Purchase Orders Browse screen.

2.  Click the Purchase Order Report hyperlink in the top right hand corner of the screen to open the Purchase Order Report request screen.

3.  Use the drop down calendar menu to filter the report for a date or range of purchase order dates.

4.  Select to display All Purchase Orders or Only Purchase Orders that have not yet been invoiced by the supplier

5.  Select to display Approved, Unapproved, or Approved & Unapproved Purchase Orders.

6.  Select the Office or Offices where the Purchase Orders are assigned to.

7.  To display Purchase Orders for only one supplier, use the to search for and select the desired supplier.

8.  When all search criteria have been entered, click either:

A. to create report that can be exported into multiple formats (pdf, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, RTF, CSV, and XML) by clicking the export icon in the top left hand corner of the report display screen and selecting the desired format and page range


B. to create a report and use the onscreen commands to zoom, print or save the report.