Existing Supplier Contacts can be used for a Purchase Order or a new contact can be created for a Purchase Order as needed.

1.   As soon as you have created a new purchase order, you can designate the purchase by clicking the blue Contact hyperlink at the top of the screen.  To designate a contact to a previously saved purchase order, fFrom the "Production" menu, select "Purchase Orders" then "Search Purchase Orders" to display the Purchase Order Browse screen.

2. Use the search criteria to filter the list to find the purchase order and select the corresponding purchase order no. by clicking on the blue purchase order number in the Order No. column.

3.  Click the Contacts hyperlink to open the Purchase Order Contact screen.

4.  Click the Change/Assign Purchase Order Contact hyperlink in the top right corner of the screen.

5.  A list of current supplier contacts will display that can be used for the Purchase Order.

A.  To use any of the current Supplier Contacts, click the box to the left of the Contact Name and click

B.  To create a new Supplier Contact to use for the Purchase Order, click to access the Supplier Contact screen.  Enter the details for the Supplier Contact and click to return to the Supplier Contacts screen.  Click the box to the left of the Contact Name that was just added and click

6.  The Supplier Contact information will now display to the right of the Attention line on the Purchase Order as shown below: