Notes can be added to the Purchase Order header that will display when the the purchase order is printed or sent.

1. As soon as you have created a new purchase order, you can create a note by clicking the blue Note hyperlink at the top of the screen. To add a note to a previously saved purchase order, from the "Production" menu, select "Purchase Orders" then "Search Purchase Orders" to display the Purchase Order Browse screen.

2. Use the search criteria to filter the list to find the purchase order and select the corresponding purchase order no. by clicking on the blue purchase order number in the Order No. column to open the Purchase Order screen.

3.  Click the Note hyperlink to open the Purchase Order Note screen.

4.  Enter your estimate notes and make any format changes (font style, font size, etc.  ) You can preview your estimate note by selecting the design tab. lick when you are finished.  You can preview your estimate note by selecting the design tab.

When you display or print your estimate, your notes will display in the header of the purchase order as shown below where it displays "Sample Purchase Order Note will display here"