View Supplier Invoices

AccountAbility allows you to easily view any supplier invoices that have been billed against a specific PO.

1. From the "Production" menu, select "Search Purchase Order" to open the Purchase Orders Browse screen and display a list of purchase orders.

2. Use the search criteria to filter the list to find the purchase order and select the corresponding purchase order no. by clicking on the blue purchase order number in the Order No. column to open the Purchase Order screen.

3.  Click the the blue order no in the Order No. column to open the purchase order in the Purchase Order screen.

4.  Click the View Supplier Invoices hyperlink at the top of the Purchase Order screen to display the Purchase Order - View Supplier Invoices screen.

5.  A list of all supplier invoices for that purchase order will display showing Invoice No., Invoice Date, and Invoice Amount as shown below.  You can directly access any of the related supplier invoices by clicking the invoice no. listed in the Invoice No. column.