WIP Report

AccountAbility provides a hyperlink to easily run a detailed WIP Report directly from the Job Browse screen.  The WIP report can be run for a range of agency deadlines or material deadlines.  In addition, it can be filtered by Office, Client Managers, Traffic Managers, Creative staff member, client, and/or job types.  The report can also be run with or without job estimate/budget details.

To run the WIP Report:

1.  From the Job Browse Screen, click the blue WIP Report hyperlink in the top right hand corner of the screen.

2. The WIP Report Selection screen will display.  Enter the Agency Deadline and/or Material Deadline date ranges using the drop down arrow to use a calendar.

3.  To suppress the Budget/Estimate amounts from the report, select the check box:

4.  Use the ribbon bar to filter your selections by Office, Client Manager, Traffic Manager, Creative staff, Client or Job Type.

5.  Click the button to display the report.  You can choose to print or save the report once it is displayed.

You can also choose to export the WIP Report into multiple formats (pdf, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, RTF, CSV, and XML) by clicking to display the preview report and then the export icon in the top left hand corner  of the report display screen.

To return to the Job Browse screen, click