AccountAbility offers the opportunity to send messages directly to staff members, clients, and vendors for specific jobs.  All messages remain linked to the job and can be referred to at a later time and become part of the history for a job.

To compose & send a message:

1.  With the job selected on the job screen, click the blue Messages hyperlink at the top of the screen.

2.  Click the button for the new message screen to appear:

3.  Enter a subject in the subject box.

Note: a subject is required for each message.  AccountAbility will automatically add the job no. to the message subject when it is sent, so there is not need to include the job# or job description in the subject field.

4.  Type the details in the message in the box below subject.  You can select the design tab to alter fonts, typeface size, or add any other styles such as bold, as you would do in any other email application.  You can select the HTML tab to see HTML coding.  Or select the Preview tab to see how your message will look before it is sent.

5.    On the right hand side, you will select who the message will be sent to:

Clicking the first link will list all staff members.  Clicking the second link will list all of the job's client contacts.  Clicking the third link will list all supplier contacts.

Select the individuals to send the message to by placing a check mark in the box to the left of their name.  To select everyone on the list, uncheck and recheck the top left hand box and all of the members of the list will be selected.  Click and you will return to the message compose screen.  The name of each selected recipient should now appear under each recipient type.

6.  When all recipients are selected, click to send the message, to save the message to send later and compose another message, to save the message to send later and return to the job screen, or to return to the job screen without saving the message.

7.  To send a saved message later, simply search for the message using the "Search Messages" screen.  Make sure the box is checked to display unsent messages.


You can search for sent & unsent messages using the Search Messages screen below.  Messages can be searched by any word or part of a word in the subject, the person the message was added by, and/or by a range of dates.