Search Jobs

To Search for an Existing Job:

1.   From the "Production" menu, select "Jobs" then "Search Jobs" to open the Jobs Browse screen.

2.  By default, Jobs Browse will only show active jobs.  Any field on the top of the screen can be used to filter your search.  After you have entered a search criteria, use Tab or Enter to further narrow the list of jobs displayed.

3.  When the job number you have searched for is in the list, click the blue job number in the Job No. column.

3.  Clicking "Just Show My Jobs" will display only jobs that you created or have been assigned to work on.

4.  To clear the filter criteria and return to the original default setting, click

Tip:  You can search on any word in the Job Description by typing using that word.  I.E. By typing "web" in the Job Description field, AccountAbility will search & display all jobs that have the word "web" in the job description.  All of the search fields are not capital sensitive, so web, Web and WEB will display the same results.

In addition, the following functions can be performed by clicking on any of the blue links below the blue menu bar:

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WIP Report

List Export

Please see the separate help menu tabs for the items above for further assistance.