The Estimate Margin Summary screen allows you to quickly access summarized profitability information for a specific estimate.  The Margin Summary screen will display the Estimated billing, revenue, markup and service fees to show the margin per task and task heading, as well as an overall margin for the estimate.

As soon as you have created a new estimate, you can display the Estimate Margin Summary layout directly by clicking the Margins hyperlink at the top of the screen.

If you have previously created an estimate, but want to review an Estimate Margin Summary, access the Margins screen by selecting the "Production" menu, then "Search Estimates" and selecting the corresponding job number for the estimate.  Once the estimates for the job have displayed, click on the Job No. field for the correct Estimate Version number to open the Estimate screen.  Then click the blue Margins hyperlink at the top of the screen to open the Estimate Margin Summary screen.

Below is a sample Estimate Margin Summary: