Scheduled Invoices

The Scheduled Invoice feature allows you to set billing dates for recurring invoices, for example a monthly fee invoice, or for a production job with fixed billing dates.  Invoices can be scheduled for a specific amount or a specific percentage of job estimate, and you can elect to also include any job costs to the invoice when it is added.  Scheduled invoices will appear on the Scheduled Invoices Report to ensure all scheduled billing is tracked, generated, and sent on time.  It will also allow you to easily select and create the scheduled invoices when when billing from multiple invoices.

To use the scheduled invoice feature and setup an invoicing schedule:

1. If you have just added a new estimate, you can scheduled invoices directly by clicking the Scheduled Invoices hyperlink at the top of the Estimate screen.  If you created an estimate earlier and wish to add scheduled invoices at a later date, from the "Production" menu, select "Estimates", then "Search Estimates"  to open the Estimates Browse screen. Narrow your search by entering report details such as Job No., Client, Office, etc.  When the desired Estimate appears in the list, click the blue link in the Job No. column to access the Estimate, then click the Scheduled Invoices hyperlink at the top of the Estimate screen.

2.  If you would like to schedule the invoices as a percentage of the estimate total AND if a portion of the estimate has already been invoiced, enter that billed % next to "% of this Estimate already invoiced:" That will allow AccountAbility to correctly calculate the amounts and percentages.

3.  If you prefer to schedule the estimate by amount, rather than %, click the box the the right of "Enter amount?:"

4. If you want to add supplier costs received on a job to the amount on the estimate, click the box to the right of "Add Costs to Invoice?:"

5.  Use the drop down menu to select the date for the invoice to be scheduled for.

6.  Depending on your selection, enter either the % or amount that you want to schedule to be invoiced for the date selected.

7.  Enter any notes for the scheduled invoice.

8.  Continue to enter additional scheduled invoices until all dates and amounts are added to the screen.

9.  When you are satisfied with your invoice schedule, click to save your input and remain on the Estimate Scheduled Invoices screen, click to return to the Estimate screen, or click to exit the Estimate Scheduled Invoices screen (without saving your changes) and return to the Estimate screen.


If you have a recurring invoice amount that you would like to schedule each month for the same amount, you can easily add those to the schedule by using entering the number of months in the field next to "Add selected number of Months:" and clicking GO.  AccountAbility will ask for the date of your first scheduled invoice and will automatically divide the estimate into equal installments to bill on each of the months entered.  You can even revise the amounts, change dates, and add invoice notes to each scheduled invoice as needed.


If you manually adjust the percentages, AccountAbility will allow you to save your invoice schedule even if the percentages to invoice are greater than 100%, although you will receive a warning message that you have entered percentages that add up to more than 100%.  To correctly calculate the scheduled invoice amounts, make sure your total percentages add up to 100%.

If you make any manual changes to the % or amounts, you can verify totals before saving by clicking the button.  Then you can check the total in either the "Invoice %" or "Total Excl Tax" column depending on which you have used.