New Estimates

To Create A New Estimate:

Only Job No., Service Fee (%) and Date  are required to setup a new estimate.  All other fields are optional, however your own company may require specific fields to be used depending on their needs.

1.   From the "Production" menu, select "Estimates" then "New Estimate"  or a new Estimate can be opened from the using "Search Estimates" and clicking from the Estimate Browse screen.

2.   Enter a Job No. or use for a Job No. lookup list.  Select the desired job and press Tab or Enter.  The estimate header will populate with the job header data.  Ensure the estimate header data is correct.  AccountAbility will automatically assign "1" to the first estimate of each job.  You can create subsequent estimates for the same job no., however, if a new estimate replaces a prior estimate, you should mark the prior estimate as superseded using this box:

3.   To create the estimate detail, click to display a list of task types.  You can choose to either select individual task types or to use an existing Estimate Template.  For help setting up an Estimate Template, see the Estimate Templates help page.

Adding Lines by selecting individual Task Types:

a.  To select a task type to be used, enter an amount in the "Units" column.  This can be changed after it has been added and added to the estimate.

b.  The Task Type description will default for each Task Type.  You can choose to accept the default description or make changes.

c.  Set the sort order for the Task Type.  A Task Type with a sort order of "1" will display first under each heading and the next largest sort order number will display next in the heading and so on.  Arrange your sort orders to display the Task Types in the desired order.

d.  No. of Lines will determine the number of times a Task Type will display in the estimate.  For example, if you desire the Task Type to appear twice in the estimate, enter "2" in the No. of Lines field.

e.  Select the heading and subheading that you desire the Task Type to display under.  Using Headings & Sub Headings will allow separate subtotals to display on the estimate.  If you do not want to use Headings or Subheading, leave blank.

f.  Once you have selected and organized the Task Types, click to save your estimate and return to the Estimate screen.

Adding Lines by using a Task Template:

a.  Click

b.  A list of all available Task Templates will appear.

c.  Select the desired Task Template by clicking the box in the left hand column and then click to return to the Estimate screen.

4.  Once you have returned to the Estimate screen, you can review your estimate setup and make changes.